[pmwiki-users] pagelists and pagevariables

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Aug 31 03:28:09 CDT 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009, 7:25:40 AM, Joel Cropley wrote:

> I want to use the pagelist markup to automatically generate lists of 
> pages on the wiki, exactly like using the Title page variable and  
> fmt=#title. However, I'd like to use more than just the Title page 
> variable, say, adding one for serial numbers. It would seem that adding

> $FmtPV['$serialnumber'] ='@$page["serialnumber"]';

> to config.php aught to work, but with (:serialnumber 014:) in the page
> markup, even using {PageName$serialnumber}doesn't return a value. What
> am I missing? Once I get the pagevariable to report correctly, I was 
> planning on using

> [[#bynumber]]
> (:template defaults order=serialnumber:)
> * [[{=$serialnumber}|+]]
> [[#bynumber]]

You could use a page text variable (PTV) in each page to hold a
serial number, for instance:

(:serialnumber: 014:)

you could then use {=$FullName$:serialnumber} as a variable in your pagelist
template. You could also use order=$:serialnumber in your template,
or in
(:template defaults order=$:serialnumber:)

But note that the ordering by a PTV is done alphabetically, not
numerically. So that should work with serialnumbers like 014, having
a leading zero. Otherwise you need a custom order function:

If you want to have a serial number added automatically when the page
gets created, via a page template, you can use a markup expression
for that, for instance {(serialname)} or {(serial)} from PowerTools

You could then either use it as a PTV, or as the pagename, creating
serialised page names, and using the (:title :) markup for the human
readable title.

With serialised page names the default order in pagelists would work,
and you use fmt=#title to display the titles, all ordered by their
serial pagename numbers.

Hope this helps to get you going!


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