[pmwiki-users] Mini cache & mini random

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Dec 7 17:04:32 CST 2009

On Monday 07 December 2009 23:24:54 pmwiki at 911networks.com wrote:
> I have found a "maybe" problem, at least an inconvenience, the
> mini random function does not work if the mini cache has been enabled.

It is written in the documentation, "You can reliably cache only pages 
displaying the same galleries to every reader." Like for conditional markup, 
the same applies to random slices or to paginated galleries. 

> Does anybody knows of a work around?

Yes. Disable caching. :-) 

If you have enabled the cache for the whole site in config.php, you can 
disable the cache for an individual page with random thumbnails, by adding to 
pmwiki/local/Group.Page.php the line :
  $Mini['EnableCache'] = 0;


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