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Thu Dec 10 14:04:13 CST 2009

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 13:06:37 -0600
Chris Cox <ccox at endlessnow.com> wrote:

>Actually I like htaccess for things like this.
>If there was some way of pattern matching you could
>do something inside of your local config.php to
>do this.

I already did the basic of the pattern matching with .htaccess and
catch about 80% but there are 2 problems:
1. No user has access to .htaccess so a page like the
Site/PageNotFound with the various redirects would be great
2. Now the webpages that are left, I can't make as patterns. 

So would have to be a list:

In .htaccess it would be:
Redirect 301 /kind-of-page-abc.html http://xyz.com/rdfg/abc.html
Redirect 301 /who-knows-page-def.html http://xyz.com/rdfg/def.html

In pmwiki it would be:
(:redirect /kind-of-page-abc.html rdfg/abc.html 301:)
(:redirect /who-knows-page-def.html rdfg/def.html 301:)

I'd prefer pmwiki because the people that wrote the pages could do it

When the network has to work

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