[pmwiki-users] One change to the default PITS display

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Fri Dec 11 12:03:16 CST 2009

I updated to Ver 0.22 (from Ver 0.21) and it now does what I need. Thanks


> (:pits2list category=bug status=!closed,!suspended,!waiting,!inactive:)
> I've got PITS running on my site. (Piece of cake)
> I just need the display of PITS/PITS to display OS instead of count  
> such as 0.0(3)
> Where is that defined? How is it accomplished?
> It looks like it could be formatted in FmtPitsList2
> Thanks
> Caspian

David Sovinski
ASLAN Data Services, Inc.

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