[pmwiki-users] Which authentication module to use?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Dec 16 08:05:53 CST 2009

2009/12/16 Jon Wickström <Jon.Wickstrom at arrak.fi>:
> AuthUser is built in, but does not quite take me all the way. Minimum requirement is for the user to be able to change their own password.
> AuthUserSignup seems to have signup and password changeing. And it is built on AuthUser? Stable. Is it supported?
> ...
> I would prefere to go as mainline as possible. Would that be AuthUser+AuthUserSignup? I almost started installing this, but got a bit put off with security concerns with having to allow WikiSh do filehandling. Now I'm leaning a bit towards UserAuth2.

AuthUserSignup is in use on several sites and to my knowledge there
are no known problems.  Certainly it is supported.

WikiSh got some bad press on this list many months ago wrt security
and as a result the cookbook documentation (perhaps somewhat
defensively) goes into detail about how security concerns are
addressed, documenting several layers of security and etc.  I'm not
aware of any security concerns at all with WikiSh -- certainly if
there are concerns I would like to know about them so I can address

However, I'm not saying it's for everybody -- I'll just say
AuthUserSignup is working without any problems on several sites that
I'm aware of.  My personal choice in your situation would be AuthUser
+ AuthUserSignup.


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