[pmwiki-users] hiding category links

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Dec 23 06:05:38 CST 2009

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 00:34:36, adam overton wrote :
> is there currently a simple built-in way to have [[!categories]] not
> be displayed on the page, and instead to remain hidden?

You can hide them with CSS, if you add to your pub/css/local.css file 
something like this :
  a.categorylink { display:none; }

You can apply this for a seleted group instead, by placing the code into a 
file pub/css/SelectedGroup.css

Note that this way the links will be visible to search engines and to some 
visitors with non-css-enabled browsers.

> also - would it be safe to assume that it's generally faster to
> pagelist with link= than with $:ptv=x? i'm weighing possibly just
> using (:tags: x:) over [[!x]]

Yes, it is normally faster to search for links or for single words than for 
PageTextVariables. But on a wiki with few pages the speed difference is small.

> (i assume this b/c i think .pageindex doesn't yet catalog ptvs, right?)


At the moment, it is not possible to list pages linking to two or more 
categories or tags, but I use a workaround : hidden tags (keywords) starting 
with the "_" character like :
  (:tags: _text _wiki _FOSS _gallery :)

Then, in a pagelist, it is very fast to find all pages containing or not some 
keyword :
  (:pagelist _text _foss -_wiki -_pdf fmt=mytemplate count=3 order=-time:)

This will list pages containing the two strings "_text" and "_FOSS", and 
containing neither "_wiki", nor "_pdf" (case insensitive).

The "_" character is particular : it will be stored together with the word in 
.pageindex and will be very fast to find by a search or a pagelist, even on a 
large wiki. It allows flexible searches, and it is not common for other words 
in the page to start with this character, so it is perfect (in my case).


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