[pmwiki-users] Firefox access keys inconsistent

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Dec 24 18:20:37 CST 2009

Has anyone else found that access keys don't work correctly for certain browsers? 

Safari and Opera do what I expected, but I get inconsistent results with Firefox. I'm using Firefox version 3.5 on the mac under Snow Leopard, and specifying:

 %accesskey='T'% [[MyLink]]
 %accesskey='L'% [[AnotherLink]]
 %accesskey='F'% [[YetAnotherLink]]

Here's what happens:

1) Ctrl-H and Ctrl-T immediately invoke their links, as expected

2) Ctrl-E invokes the edit form only if followed by a Return

3) Ctrl-L and Ctrl-F have no effect

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