[pmwiki-users] Basic questions about WikiTrails

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Sat Dec 26 10:52:15 CST 2009

Hello everyone,

come Christmas time, there's some time left to work on my PmWiki 
installation :-)

Now I decided to try my way with WikiTrails. I'd like to hide the trail 
index page, as is suggested as a possibility in 

Now, there's two things I dislike about the resulting WikiTrail:

1) in the middle of it, there is still the link to my "hidden" trail 
index page
<< Previous Page | Hidden Trail Index | Next page >>

Any way to avoid this, and to instead link to a specific other page 
which takes over the function of the "index"?

2) is there a way to add titles to the next and previous page? So that 
instead of looking like this:

<< TrailPage234 | Hidden Trail Index Page | TrailPage236 >>
it looks like
<< Back to the page about birds | Go to the animals page | Continue to 
page about dogs >>



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