[pmwiki-users] group headers not working in login page???

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Dec 27 11:17:17 CST 2009

On Sunday 27 December 2009 17:26:05 DaveG wrote:
> On 12/27/2009 1:13 AM, dan mcmullen wrote:
> >> i am using an AllGroupHeader page to define some global styles.  it
> >> seems that group headers are not normally in effect for some page
> >> actions - i.e. PageName?action=xxx.  for the search and edit actions i
> >> can put (:groupheader:) in the respective Site page and enable the
> >> global styles.  but this does not work in Site.AuthForm, so the global
> >> styles are missing on the login page.
> Any particular reason why you are putting styles in the headers? How
> about using conditional logic or group config.php to add the styling with:
>    $HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] = 'CSS STYLING RULES';

I'd more likely add the global CSS styles to the pub/css/local.css file, and 
individual group styles to pub/css/IndividualGroup.css files.


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