[pmwiki-users] Include from multiple pages

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Feb 2 18:32:52 CST 2009

Simon wrote:
> (:include PageName GroupName.Pagename:)
> Includes the entire text of another page into the current page.
> Multiple pages may be specified
> I interpret this to mean that the text from all specified pages will
> be copied into the current page.
Include always includes the first available page, and then stops. So you 
can specify multiple pages, but only the first found will actually be 
included. I reworded the sentence.

> Further down its states
> (:include Page1#from1#to1 Page2#from2#to2:)
> Include the first from the first available of Page1 (between the
> [[#from1]] and [[#to1]]) or Page2 (between the [[#from2]] and [[#to2]]
> )
This sentence is more accurate, "the first from the first available 
page...". This is different to the other example as it's looking for 
text within the file, between the anchors #from1 and #to1 on Page1, or 
#from2 and #to2 on Page2.

  ~ ~ David

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