[pmwiki-users] Session and Xampp in windows

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Mon Feb 2 09:57:14 CST 2009

I have my system set up locally in my D disk using XP and Xampp as a web
server. My wiki consist in a form with wikiforms . I set everything working
as I wanted, later on I began testing trough the network and everything was
fine (there is a proxy) working as expected. Then I enabled userauth , made
some groups for reading / viewing and some with full access, locally in my
PC with no problem.

Then when testing in the network and then the problems started. Users could
not login . I have been messing with path of temp folder and permissions. I
have a few days now trying to figure it out how to set this to work.

for your information Later on the system will be moved either to a web
address or a linux webserver but for now I have to show this working in this

If any body has been successfully putting pmwiki with userauth in a network
using xampp It will be very useful for me if I can receive any pointers.

thanks and regards,
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