[pmwiki-users] Extract multiple quotes from pages (textextract recipe, other solution?)

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 09:55:59 CST 2009

Hello the list,

Here it is my project :
I would like to include on a dedicated page multiple quotes coming from
other pages.
For example (I'm working on a bibliography) :
book1 has a page.book1 notice where I quote Author1 : «Book1 is very good»
and Author2 : «I dislike book1».
book2 has a page.book2 notice where I quote Author1 : «Book2 is very good»
and Author3 : «I dislike book2».
book3 has a page.book3 notice where there is no quote.
(please note quotes on bookpages may be written everywhere in the page -no
structured page-, and that there may be several quotes from each Author ;
I'm sure I can't use includes in my case).

I guess it may be useful to get a special quote page aggregating all quotes
made by all authors.
For example, page.allquotes would show something as :
Author1 : «Book1 is very good»
Author2 : «I dislike book1».
Author1 : «Book2 is very good»
Author3 : «I dislike book2».

At this time, I'm using Hans' textextract recipe (nice), with success :
while quoting Author1 I write %eval_author1% (this is a comment code, not
displayed, I use as a distinctive pattern to say : this line is an
evaluation quote from Author1) ; then I can extract the quotes using
textextract :
{(extract 'eval_' Page.book* unit=line prefix=link snip=%.*%)}
or every quotes done by Author1 :
{(extract 'eval_Author1' Page.book* unit=line prefix=link snip=%.*%)}

I'm happy with the recipe, but I'm not sure if there aren't any other way to
do that.
What do you think about that solution ? what about server usage using
textextract recipe is such a way ? do someone have better idea on how to
aggregate multiple lines coming from other pages ?

Thank you,
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