[pmwiki-users] Delete EditGettingStarted, CharacterMarkup, LineMarkup (and more)?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 12:44:50 CST 2009

Hello All,

there is a cluster of pages in the PmWiki/ group which is in my
opinion mostly obsolete and redundant, since the information is
contained in the edit quick reference and the pages linked from there.

This cluster has only one link from the Documentation Index (via

The pages in detail:

EditGettingStarted: Contains little more than the quick reference.

CharacterMarkup: Redundant.

LineMarkup: Wrong title, redundant.

MarkupCharacters: IMO a good idea, should linked from a more prominent
place or moved to another (existing) page.

BlockMarkup: Is linked from the Documentation Index. The bottom part
is IMO redundant and does not dfescribe "block markup". Could be
merged with WikiStyles and Cookbook/DivisionsExplained.

I would like to delete at least EditGettingStarted, CharacterMarkup,
LineMarkup, any votes _against_ this?

Anybody able to update BlockMarkup? I'm not experienced enough.


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