[pmwiki-users] Hosting Qs: reseller, wikifarm

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 09:16:10 CST 2009


I'd like to figure out what features to look for in a host.
Recommendations of specific hosts would be terrific, but for a more
general, long-term approach it would be helpful to have lists of
must-haves, nice-to-haves, and mustn't-haves (lists that include basic
stuff that might seem obvious to many).

I'd like to set up a new hosting account for myself and my clients, so
a reseller account.  I'd like it to have features for invoicing
clients for hosting and wiki support that I provide, while allowing
clients to administer their own email (and possibly other features
like the plug-ins many hosts provide).  Any suggestions for features
to watch (out) for, there?

Do reseller accounts typically include Virtual Private Server service,
or not?  If not, that is something I should also look for, right?  In
either case, I would need the host to provide support for hardware and
LAMP system stuff, as I would have no clue how to administer my own
environment.  How do I ask for this - what's the correct terminology?

AND I'd ideally like to be able to manage the client sites as fields
in a wiki farm, so somehow I'd like to be able to have the PmWiki
engine installed on a parent account that the client fields would take
orders from.  Is this possible, in a reseller environment?

I'll add whatever comes out of this (if anything does) to a page on PmWiki.org.

Tegan Dowling

"The future's here already. It's just unevenly distributed." -- William Gibson

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