[pmwiki-users] Preventing variable replacement

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Feb 7 13:33:59 CST 2009

When you edit a page (action=edit) variables in the page like 
{$FullName} are not evaluated, but are shown in the textarea as {$FullName}.

Is there a way to force trigger this behavior?

I'm working on the Blogger cookbook, which stores all elements of the 
page as PTVs, including the page body. So when you view a page, all 
variables within the PTVs are replaced correctly (so {$FullName} becomes 

In order to handle editing, I use a new action (action=bloggeredit), and 
include a call to PmForms in the header. That way all the PTVs get 
placed into PmForm form elements. Works fine. Except that variables in 
the PTVs end up being evaluated (since as far as PmWiki is concerned 
we're viewing the page).

So is there a way to say "don't evaluate variables, just leave them alone"?

You can see an example of what's happening here (password is 

Rather than:

Here's what you see:

  ~ ~ Dave

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