[pmwiki-users] Turbo powered pagelists

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Feb 7 18:15:30 CST 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009, 5:54:52 PM, The Editor wrote:

> For what it's worth I've been doing this for quite a while in BoltWire
> and it does make search results lightning fast.  Basically I have a
> function that automatically adds values to a data page like:

> page1: some value
> page2: some other value
> page3: some third value

> Just a regular wiki page, but the info is generated whenever there is
> a change in whatever info I'm tracking. Theres also an option to mine
> a group of pages and extract the data from them into a page like this.

I like the idea of a PTV index cache for the whole wiki, and
configurable in the way you describe, so one can control what should
go into it and what not. Otherwise the whole wiki might get added,
because it may consists mainly of PTV data pages.

The cache file does not need to be a wiki page, indeed a normal file
kept in the work directory may be better for security reasons.
I am not sure how or if you handled the read authorisation issues.
Maybe you don't, and everything from the PTV cache file (page) can
be read? But PmWiki would need to have some measured to protect read
protected PTVs. Probably such data should simply not be cached.

Right now whenever a PTV is accessed, all PTVs of that page are
cached in the page cache. That stops multiple processing on PTVs
associated with the page, but that is lost instantly when opening
another page, or opening the page again. To have it added to a
cache file, but fully configurable for what types of PTVs and even
what names, would be great, even as a recipe for the start.


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