[pmwiki-users] Delete EditGettingStarted, haracterMarkup, LineMarkup (and more)?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Feb 9 01:31:31 CST 2009

John Rankin wrote:

BTW: Why do you change (slightly) the subject each posting? This
breaks thread view in my newsreader.


>> <splitting hairs> According to this definition, lists and paragraphs
>> would be block markup - both are described in LineMarkup. </splitting
>> hairs>
>Not true. As defined, a line ends with a return character followed
>either by a second return character or by a line markup character.

simply avoid the word "line". It's misleading.


>FWIW, my view is that PmWiki's markup set now presents a very
>high barrier to entry for new users, especially those who are new
>to wiki markup.
>I do not have a good answer to this and your posts are convincing
>me that the pages in question are not fit for their intended purpose.
>Let me suggest an alternative for discussion. We now have the
>Creole markup standard which gives a core markup set that every
>wiki ought to offer as a minimum. AFAIK, the Creole set was a very
>carefully chosen balance between power and simplicity.
>My proposal is that an IntroductionToPmWIkiMarkup page presents
>PmWiki's markup rules for the Creole markup functions, in the
>order they are described in the Creole standard. See
>For avoidance of doubt: the Introduction page would contain
>*only* the Creole markup set, no matter how much we might
>want to include "just one or two more features".
>I would be very happy to see the PmWiki documentation factored
>to use the Creole set as an introduction, with branches to more
>advanced markup features. This does not require PmWiki to adopt
>the Creole standard, just use the Creole thinking. I think I would
>also refactor EditQuickReference to present only the Creole markup

I support this as an option.

Since there are only few entry points to the existing documentation
(e.g. EditQuickReference and the sidebar), an administrator could
simply replace these to Creole versions.

Maybe this could be even configurable. The i18n mechanism (XLPage)
could be also used.

There should be an appropriate naming scheme for the Creole pages,
what about CreoleQuickReference? I don't think that it's worth another

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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