[pmwiki-users] making browser adding ?action=... to URL?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Feb 9 04:33:46 CST 2009

Steve Glover wrote:


>> In the mean, I found it myself, it's really simple with a bookmarklet,
>> for example:
>> javascript:location.href=location.href+'?action=source'
>The other way to do something like this is to have the appropriate links 
>available as nav menu items once someone with the appropriate privileges 

of course. But I was looking for a solution where I don't need to
change the wiki. Currently I'm revisiting a lot of pmwiki.org pages
and I want to have quick access to the source. Instead of adding this
capability to the pmwiki.org installation (useful for few, impacts
many), I prefer the bookmarklet.


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