[pmwiki-users] PmWiki in AJAX

Etienne Convié etienne at convie.net
Mon Feb 9 09:21:24 CST 2009


I'm new on the list, and I discover PmWiki. Sorry if my question is

frequently asked. I'm also a french-user speaking so sorry for my english.

Here is my problem.

I would like to integrate PmWiki to my site (homemade with php, mysql,...)

with AJAX requests. But I can't retrieve the informations I need in a

PmWiki page and JSON encode it and send it to the browser.

My "AJAX engine" (homemade also) should receive an array like this:

$myArray = array(

  idOfTheTagOfTheBodyContent = array(

    innerHTML = 'this is the body of the PmWiki page that corresponds to

<!--PageText-->  in .tmpl file'


  idOfTheTagOfTheTitleOfMyPage = array(

    innerHTML = 'this is the title of the PmWiki page that corresponds to

$WikiTitle | {$Group} / {$Title}  in .tmpl file'



This array must be JSON encoded and sent to the browser like this:

echo json_encode($myArray);

Here's my question:

How can I (in a php file like a "cookbook recipe") retrieve both elements

of my page like <!--PageText--> and $WikiTitle | {$Group} / {$Title} ????

It should be great just to add ?action=ajax in the url of a page and then

the output is my JSON string.

I have read a lot of documentation and tried to understand the php code of

the PmWiki engine, but I didn't find.

Could you help me?

Thanks a lot,


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