[pmwiki-users] User registration redux

Steven Benmosh wordz2u at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 09:48:10 CST 2009

I have not followed up completely with the discussion about automatic user
registration, but here is where I see my personal needs:

At one time I implemented on a web site a user registration page, using php,
mysql and a guide by Kevin Yank (I think).

An interested user would enter a user name based on his email address, and
would receive a confirmation by email with his password. There was the
ability to request a password reminder via email. There was a check to see
that the email address was not already in use. Login compared the user name
to the known list of users, and if it existed compared the encrypted
password to the encrypted original. There was also some captcha feature to
prevent spam, which was not part of the original Yank guide.

I assume that all these features can be implemented without mysql, using a
text page.

I would like to use registration for is to let users add themselves to a
list of people who can edit pages on a group, without having to deal with
them in person, but also without letting everyone edit or add pages


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