[pmwiki-users] Markup() in a Markup() call, or conditionally loading a recipe

Scott Diegel scottdiegel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 09:56:37 CST 2009

Peter, thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, your method doesn't seem to
work quite correctly either.  The method you specified (and several
variations on it that I tried) works for suppressing the "sop" markup on
pages that don't have "(:sop:)" specified, but it removes all sectioning on
the pages on which "(:sop:)" is specified.

It still seems to me that the most straightforward and sensible way to do
this is to allow a "Markup()" call  within a "Markup()" call, but that
doesn't seem to work.

So I'm still banging my head over this one.


On Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Peter Bowers <pbowers at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 8:33 PM, Scott Diegel <scottdiegel at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I want a Markup() call to apply only to a given type of page, specifically
>> if (:sop:) is included on a wiki page.  The Markup will affect section
>> numbering, but I still need the standard section markup to be used.
> ...
>> Loading the file in which this is defined via config.php results in the
>> section formatting being changed for all pages.  I tried the following, and
>> checked using ?action=ruleset whether the 'sop' rule was being applied;
>> 'sopheaders' is being applied, but 'sop' is not.
>> /*
>> function SOPheaders(){
>>  Markup('sop','>include','/^(!{2,4})(?:\s*)(.*)$/e',
>> "MkSopNumTitle(strlen('$1'),PSS('$2'))");
>>  }
>> Markup('sopheaders','directives','/\\(:sop:\\)/e',"SOPheaders()");
>> */
>> Is this the right approach?  Is there another approach I can try?
> That looks fine to me.  And if SOPheaders is always active but sop only
> active on the appropriate pages then that's exactly what you want, right?
> My only concern is whether a markup that gets defined *during* markup will
> get applied correctly (i.e., will it get put in the right order, etc. -- is
> all that done inside the Markup() function or is it done separately in
> pmwiki.php after config.php).  I'd say if it works then you've got a great
> solution.
> If, on the other hand, it's not working then this is what I would suggest:
> function MkSopNumTitle($arg1, $arg2, $MakeMeActive=false){
>  static $MarkupActive = false;
> if ($MakeMeActive) {
> $MarkupActive = true;
> return(true);
> }
> if (!$MarkupActive) return;
>        ... /* the rest of the code for MkSopNumTitle */
> }
> Markup('sop','>include','/^(!{2,4})(?:\s*)(.*)$/e',
> "MkSopNumTitle(strlen('$1'),PSS('$2'))");
> Markup('sopheaders','directives','/\\(:sop:\\)/e',"MkSopNumTitle(false,
> false, true)");
> However, your rule-based solution is superior as long as it actually
> works.  It's better to not even have a rule to process when you don't need
> it...
> -Peter
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