[pmwiki-users] Fox - allow/disallow posting directives per form

James DeVain jamesdevain at mail.com
Mon Feb 9 16:59:56 CST 2009


I'd like to give authors the ability to decide whether directives
can be posted on a form-by-form basis. Currently, I'm dealing with
this by allowing the posting of directives by default, but giving
authors the option of using a fox filter which scrubs directives.
What I'd prefer, though, is the reverse – the posting of directives
disallowed by default, but could be allowed on a form via a
foxfilter (or something).

I tried creating a foxfilter that would reverse this:

	$item = str_replace("(:", "(:", $item);
	$item = str_replace(":)", ":)", $item);

but, of course, the filter is preprocessing the data, so that
doesn't work...

Is there any way to do this? Maybe some way to process the form data
after rather then before the strings are replaced? I'm guessing not,
but thought I'd ask.


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