[pmwiki-users] Gui Buttons. Looks like underline, gives "Internal Link", in the core program.

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Feb 9 20:35:22 CST 2009

This is on the current pmwiki.org installation.

The gui button on the edit page, just to the right of Bold, looks like 
Underline, but the tooltip says "Internal Link". The actual markup gives 

The button beside it shows the usual globe with chain links. It has a 
tooltip of "External Link". The actual markup gives the same as the 
other button, [[zzz]].


1. The underline button needs to put in underline code.

2. If there are to be separate buttons for internal and external links 
(which is a good idea, but if we put in every good idea we'll have three 
lines of buttons, and not every skin distinguishes between them), they 
should do something different.


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