[pmwiki-users] Automatically create new sites [repost]

Peter Lutz dreiaugen at gmx.de
Tue Feb 10 04:29:36 CST 2009


this is a repost. I don't want to annoy anyone, I am just in need of an answer. And thankful of course for anything. I don't even know if the problem is too easy or too difficult and therefore neglected.

how do I solve the following problem?

Create a link that automatically adds a new page to an existing group. The new page has a number as name and adding a page sets the next number in count. (example.n --> example.n+1)

Also some kind of conflict management will be needed, to make sure that everybody always saves his newly added page as example.n+1

I want to fill a database with this, where n resembles an array in the database (the structure is like table(id/titel/text/author)). I am using DataQuery and Dataplates (but I don't think that matters, or does it?)

It seems to have something to do with Templates, Pagelists and the pagecount-Variable, but I am no good in programming and/or understanding the descripions at pmwiki.org, so I could use some help or an example. Or a pointer to the right tools so I can get used to them.

thanks a lot,

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