[pmwiki-users] Delete EditGettingStarted, CharacterMarkup, LineMarkup (and more)?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Wed Feb 11 08:05:43 CST 2009

john.rankin at affinity.co.nz wrote:

>> [Creole as selectable standard markup]
>This is *not* what I (and now a few others) are proposing. Let me
>The EditGettingStarted, CharacterMarkup, LineMarkup (and more)
>pages were an attempt to address the problem that PmWiki's
>feature-rich markup set now presents a high barrier to entry for
>new users, especially those who are non-technical.
>You have convincingly argued that these pages are not really fit
>for purpose and ought to be either re-written or deleted.
>The proposal is that the Creole standard defines a core set of
>wiki *functionality* regardless of the markup used. We should

o.k., I misunderstood your proposal before.

Regarding the needed refactoring, we should continue in "Re-thinking
Intro to markup pages".


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