[pmwiki-users] PageTopStore recipe

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Thu Feb 12 07:34:37 CST 2009

Hans wrote:

>I got a question about the PageTopStore recipe.
>In the description in Coobook/PagetopStore it says:
>"PageTopStore extends PageStore by keeping a second copy of each
>current page in a separate directory (by default, wikitop.d). The
>copies kept in this directory have a slightly different format that
>should be easier to read and edit in an external application."
>What is the advantage of keeping two file versions for each page, the
>normal one in wiki.d and an addition one with line breaks in
>wikitop.d? Would not one new version be sufficient and more efficient?

that was my initial idea, see my proposal of a "line break keeping
page store" posted 2009.01.20. But there are several problems I didn't

1. If someone would edit the current revision of a page file directly
(not via PmWiki), this would break the page history. The duplicate of
the "current" version makes it possible to detect edits and treat them
as a normal edit as soon as PmWiki reads the page next time. That's
one benefit of Eemeli's solution (the other is to let the page files
untouched for painlessand safe migration).

2. The redundant storage of page variables, e.g. "title": It's in the
page text as a directive, and as a separate entry in the page file.

Therefore, I'm afraid that my proposal of a "human readable" page file
format is so hard to implement that it's not worth the effort.


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