[pmwiki-users] authuser and ldap authentication - help needed!

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 12 12:36:00 CST 2009

using pmwiki at work and was able to successfully authenticate users via ldap. this is a great help!
noticed today that when i try a 'secure' page that requires a user to authenticate themselves that the name/password prompt reappears, even after correctly entering the right username/password. you would think this is perhaps a problem with 'talking' to the ldap server. however, the login/logout changes to logout - so this tells me (i think) that the id and password have been authenticated. the attributes on a random page are:
read p/w: @ id:*
edit p/w: @ id:*
the page siteadmin.authuser has @editors: id:*
config has
ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 3600);
$AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://name-omitted:389/OU=MANSERV,O=abc?uid?sub';
and authuser.php has been amended to search the entire name directory
function AuthUserLDAP($pagename, $id, $pw, $pwlist) {
if (!$id) return false;
if (!$pw) return false;
if (!function_exists('ldap_connect')) return false;
$fullUser = $id."@net.name-omitted.co.uk";
the only recent change was a dns entry was created so the servername during testing went from http://abc-123/xyz to 
http://abc-xyz - the content in the folder remained static as did permissions.
any clues/directions/pointers as to why the page does not display the content even with correct user id/pw? i can sign in using an admin id perfectly fine. obviously this is not desired for users!
thanks for any help!
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