[pmwiki-users] checkbox in template -> where is the PTV?

Peter Lutz dreiaugen at gmx.de
Thu Feb 12 14:21:15 CST 2009


this question is similar to the problem I posted yesterday, but more specific. 

I have a checkbox in a PageListTemplate and when I use a (:pagelist:) on another page I cannot access the PTVs that should be there. At least I think they should. I tried several options but without success. 

So first question is if this is possible at all, and second where could the PTVs be? Especially those you get when you check some checkboxes...


--> (:input checkbox Field[] {=$:Name}:)
And $Name goes 1,2,3,.. (it's a DataQuery). This should give me an array "Field" with $Name in it, shouldn't it?

The real page:
--> (:pagelist group=Query fmt=Query.Templates#MyTemplate:)

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