[pmwiki-users] BreakPageList recipe: new reworked version

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 10:49:27 CST 2009

I just finished a rework of BreakPagelist

If you wish to upgrade from the previous version, you need to change
some markup.

The new version uses no longer a (:breakpagelist:)directive.
It still uses two pagelist directives: one to get the pagelist count
and construct the nav links, the other to give the actual formatted
output, but broken into chunks.

The navigation links are reworked and give  a display like

   95 Results – Page 1 of 13 – Go to page  1 2 3 ... 5 Next

i.e. with new '...' dots to limit number of nav links displayed, and
additional 'Previous' and 'Next' links

Feedback most welcome!



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