[pmwiki-users] BasicEditing - TextFormattingRules - MarkupMasterIndex refactoring

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Feb 17 11:47:51 CST 2009

Hello All,

BasicEditing, TextFormattingRules and MarkupMasterIndex contain a lot
of redundant material and I'm looking for a clear(er) separation.

What would you say is the role of these pages?

In my opinion, MarkupMasterIndex is a fine "quick reference". No long
explanations, just examples. I'm tempted to change the introductory
text accordingly.

BasicEditing is the starting point for the beginner, right?

TextFormattingRules claims to be a "more complete list". Should it 
* repeat the contents of BasicEditing,
* or refer to them?

If TextFormattingRules repeated the basics (my preference), should it
be done using the same style? Currently the documentation style of
TextFormattingRules differs noticeable from BasicEditing.

With a uniform style, we could share a lot of text between both pages.
With TextFormattingRules as master document, BasicEditing could
(:include:) sections from TextFormattingRules.

Any reasons against this?


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