[pmwiki-users] Resolving DOI's via InterMap rules

Karl Schilke schilkek at onid.orst.edu
Wed Feb 18 11:57:08 CST 2009


I'm trying to make an InterMap that will resolve Digital Object  
Identifiers (DOI's) for scientific papers. Every publication is  
assigned a unique DOI that can be resolved by a centralized dispatch  
viewer. For instance, a recent paper by Ghasemi, et al. (2007) has the  
DOI '10.1021/la701126t'. The abstract (and full text if you subscribe  
to the journal) can be viewed by opening the URL  

I tried making an InterMap like this:

         DOI:      http://dx.doi.org/$1

However, when I write something like 'Ghasemi, et al.  
(DOI:10.1021/la701126t) found that ...' in a PmWiki page, the URL I  
get is 'http://dx.doi.org/10.1021', which is missing the important  
bits at the end.

Is there some way to make this work? If so, it would be a useful  
addition to the distribution InterMap file, since it's valuable to  
anyone using PmWiki for tracking scientific literature.


     -Karl Schilke, Oregon State University

"Every complex problem has a solution that is simple, direct,
plausible and wrong." -H.L. Mencken

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