[pmwiki-users] Sandbox with examples as newbie help?

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Feb 19 19:35:30 CST 2009

Sandy wrote:
> Oliver Betz wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> in addition to the ongoing discussion about the beginner
>> documentation:
>> What do you think about preloading the sandbox with examples of the
>> basic markup?
>> This way a newbie had a "documenting" starting point for his first
>> steps.
>> Oliver
> I like having pre-loaded examples. Include the same things as on the 
> quick reference on the default edit page.
> Another idea, for the quick reference on the default edit page: Add a 
> "search documentation" box. I put one on the sidebar, that shows only if 
> you have edit permission, but if it would also go well on the edit page.
> Sandy

Yet another idea:

For those unlucky enough to want to play before it refreshes from the 
previous player, a link to the default sandbox text. No clue where 
exactly to put it.


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