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edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Fri Feb 20 09:46:58 CST 2009

Thaks John for your kind Reply as Usual. My answer below...

As it happens, when wikiforms first appeared, ":term: description" was
> just definition list markup -- there were no PTVs. Strictly speaking,
> it doesn't use PTV markup, because spaces (AFAIK) are not allowed in
> PTVnames, whereas they are allowed in wikiform term names.

Good to Know,   I did not Know about the spaces

> Or it may be possible to add a module to wikiforms that recognises the
> hidden PTV markup. It calls a function to load the field values into
> an array, so if we made the function name a variable in all the calls,
> it would be possible to write a third-party plug-in.

Actually I am reading about FOX. I had kept out of FOX cause it was a long
documentation and I felt confortable with ZAP. But reading and reading now I
realized that FOX could maybe be used as the third party pluging for
wikiforms as you mentioned. FOX gives the posibbility of saving PTVs of any
type we want (definition, hidden, etc) . I'll give you update about this as
soon I have a workaround for what I want to acomplish.

> Wikiforms will recognise new fields added to the end of the page, but not
> fields added in other places. It gets very confused. However, you may be
> able to achieve the effect you want by using a ViewTemplate page. If on a
> FormTemplate you define
> :var1:field1
> :var2:field2
> :var3:field3
> :var4:field4
> but define a ViewTemplate as
> :var1:<field1>
> :var2:<field2>
> :var4:<field4>
> :var3:<field3>
> it should *display* the page the way you want it, while it *stores*
> the page in a way that wikiforms can use. Of course, by using a
> ViewTemplate, you can display the page in whatever style suits you.

I know how to handle the viewtemplate, my problem is exactly what you
explain about adding a new PTV somwhere but the bottom of the form. What
happens  is the following: I have a system running and I  know in the future
the client will ask for changes, it is normal. I am trying to going ahead
and getting ready to deploy changes in multiples pages at the same time when
requested. Actually, just  yesterday I added 3 new variables in between a
working wikiform and I had to change/add the ptvs manually to 50 pages (not
that difficult). But what happens when they get to 500 or to 1000s pages?

 The design of the form and its content it's not up to me. I am using a very
nicy  wikilist and  peter Bower Search Receipe, they are very happy with the

Why would I want using ZAP/FOX ? I would like wikiforms to be more flexibe
allowing multiples fields in the same line or a table based layuot. Using
Zap I could design very nice looking forms but then have the hidden ptv
problem.  So that is why I am exploring FOX (for data input). About the
wikilist I am  very happy at this point, I would not ask or suggest for any
change :-)

Thanks for Replying Once Again, I'll keep on reading and testing, I'll let
you know how it goes

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