[pmwiki-users] New image/gallery recipe : Maxi, picture viewer?with inline zoom

Rogutės Sparnuotos rogutes at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 20 13:50:56 CST 2009

Petko Yotov (2009-02-20 18:13):
> On Friday 20 February 2009 17:17:08 Chris Cox wrote:
> > Doesn't work at all for me... Firefox, openSUSE 11.0.
> I was just doing some tests on the live demo and you may have tried at the bad 
> moment when I broke it. :-) I have now reverted it back and it should 
> hopefully work again.
> Make sure you have JavaScript enabled :
> > >   http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Maxi - documentation
> > >   http://tl.5ko.fr/X/X                 - demo

May I ask what possible usage scenarios do people see for this?

I would find this useful only for images that are wider than my screen
width (1280, currently) and this is not the case with the samples
provided. I feel much more comfortable clicking on the first image,
which takes me to
and having the image take full width of my screen.

Anyway, some comments:

1. Moving the cursor over the image while it is loading makes the image
   disappear (it's like img:hover {background:white;}). Aren't there any
   people left with slow links?

2. It is hard to get to the years in the top/bottom of the fourth
   example (and part of the table in the bottom-right corner of the
   second example), because one has to move the mouse to the very edge
   to see them. Would it be possible to add a 10-20 px border to the
   actual image, so zoomed scrolling doesn't stop so easily?

I wanted add more, but now I figured out that CTRL wasn't working here
because of a firefox extension and my comments became less valid :)

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos

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