[pmwiki-users] search is broken in my Triad

pierremariecarette pierremariecarette at free.fr
Sun Feb 22 04:11:30 CST 2009

Le 21 févr. 09 à 17:07, DaveG a écrit :
> To rule out skin issues, does the same thing happen with the  
> default skin?
> What .htaccess rules do you have in place -- it kind of looks like  
> rules are looking for the n= parameters.
>  ~ ~ Dave
Thanks Dave !
before mailing, I had neutralized the htaccess file to verify.
Now, i neutralized one by one my plugins...and good work :

the plugin hg seems incompatible with my wiki-config.
I remplace it with its brother  cluster  and all is right
don't ask me why, i'm not php-doctor ;-)


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