[pmwiki-users] Trying to add new page variable problem

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Feb 23 12:42:00 CST 2009

DaveG wrote:
> Ed W wrote:
>> Can someone please talk me through how I can add new markup like
>> (:sitemap_priority 0.5:)
> I'd probably use a PTV for this, in which case something like
>   (:sitemap_priority:0.5:)
>> Such that this is then accessible via $page['sitemap_priority']
> And then access that with:
>   $priority = PageVar($pagename,'$:sitemap_priority');

Hi, I think I get that, but from a more general point of view I am
trying to understand how to use markup like (:sitemap_priority 0.5:), ie
like the (:title:) markup

Also if you look at the current sitemap code, it directly accesses the
$page variable so that it can optionally bypass the page auth.  If you
look at PageVar you can see it respects the read auth limits.  So to try
and keep the key features of the current recipe I am trying to
understand the PageVar function and also how the other markup function
is weaving it's magic (I can't use PageVar directly if I want to bypass
the read auth)

>From what I can see, the the text variables are accessed via
$page['text']['some_var'], but the markup like title/date is accessed
via $page['date'], etc.  What I can't quite understand is how the $page
object is built.  I think it's actually down to how the page is being
saved, but I can't see how to inject a new variable into the page?

As an aside, I can't really see how the pagevar attributes get into the
$page['text'] array either??

Can anyone talk me through this bit of code please?

Ed W

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