[pmwiki-users] userauth questions

Sofia M sofiam at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 21:30:44 CST 2009

Hi everyone,
so, after a few unsuccessful stints trying to figure out AuthUser, I
was recommended to switch to UserAuth (cookbook) solution.
I installed it, and it seems to be working fine... except - it doesn't
let me add new users.

Here's a scenario:
I'm logged in as an administrator, and I go to ?action=admin
I'm presented with the page for adding users, however, when I click on
the 'add user' link and fill out all the information for that user, I
click on 'Add', and it takes me back to ?action=admin page where the
user I thought I just created ISN'T listed.

when I look at the .htpasswd page on the server, it looks like nothing
has changed - that user really isn't added
Now, if I manually edit the .htpasswd file and add users directly in
there, those users then show up in the ?action=admin  pages, with all
the 'abilities'...
Now, why won't it let me create users from the interface but will pick
them up if they're written in .htpasswd ?


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