[pmwiki-users] Nested Blocks (tables, divs, etc)

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Wed Feb 25 08:05:16 CST 2009

"Patrick R. Michaud" wrote:

(Nested markup)

>We have nested markup -- just add some digits to the end of
>(:div:), (:table:), or whatever you're using.  And although PmWiki

I knew this for div, but not for table.

And I wasn't able to get nested table markup working. Could you
explain it here or in the docs?

Could you also explain what "whatever" means - which other markup
supports nesting?

The release notes mention conditionals since 2.2.0-beta66, but it's
not documented in ConditionalMarkup - since I don't know the details I
can't update the docs.


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