[pmwiki-users] Floating 'edit' button idea

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Feb 27 13:31:11 CST 2009

Take a look at Cookbook/SectionEdit which gives you an edit link at the 
start of each section. Not exactly what you want, but available now, and 
with a similar end result.

Your idea sounds interesting though. Once I have Blogger stable I'd like 
to take this on, if no-ones done it by then.

  ~ ~ Dave

Karl Schilke wrote:
> I've been thinking about this for a while, and it seems like it would  
> be relatively easy to work out with some Javascript or similar.
> I use PmWiki as a personal scientific research blog, and for jotting  
> down ideas for research projects, chemical syntheses, etc. Very often,  
> I'm in the middle of a page that is several screens long and realize  
> that I want to make a change. For instance, I suddenly realize that  
> changing solvents from benzene to DMSO will increase the rate of a  
> reaction.
> The normal response to this is to scroll-bar all the way to the top of  
> the page, hit 'Edit', scroll-bar back down through the text until I  
> find the change I wanted to make, make the change -- if I can still  
> remember what it was! -- and hit save again. This works, but is  
> cumbersome and surprisingly often I find *another* thing I want to  
> change and forget to make the original edit.
> What I'd like to have is a floating 'Edit' button that would stay at a  
> given point on the screen (say, the bottom right). Hitting this button  
> would bring up the 'action=edit' screen. Ideally, the source file  
> would be opened with the cursor positioned somewhere close to the text  
> I was viewing when I hit the floating edit button. I remember seeing  
> this sort of thing done for the "Was this information helpful?"  
> surveys at Adobe.com a few years ago.
> I realize that this is either practically trivial or an incredible  
> PITA, but I think it would provide a very useful bit of functionality  
> to PmWiki.
> Thanks!
>      -Karl Schilke, Oregon State University

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