[pmwiki-users] Another stab at ratings on PmCalendar page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Feb 28 05:41:38 CST 2009

On Saturday 28 February 2009 10:48:29 Peter Bowers wrote:
> >  on a recipe ratings page (Recipe-Users?): asterisk, comment, signature :
> >
> >   * I use it. [[~Petko]] (datestamp)
> >   * I reviewed the recipe and I endorse it. [[~Pm]] (datestamp)

> FANTASTIC!  Let's do it!  Simple, effective.  The only thing it misses is
> some sort of numeric indicator on the recipe page itself, but that's a
> small price...  (If the maintainer wants a numeric indicator he can
> periodically manually count the users and put a number on the page next to
> the link.)

I forgot to mention that a while ago we discussed this format :
* (+) Excellent, I use it. [[~Petko]] (datestamp)
* (-) Didn't work for me, PHP 7 required. [[~Peter Bowers]] (datestamp)

That is : asterisk, (special markup keyword), optional comment, signature.

There were many messages about the keywords, should they be (+) and (-), (+1), 
(support), (endorse), (friend), (user), and more. With (+) and (-) all 
nuances of the "friend" and "endorse" words are sipmlified, but one can 
explain his friendship, support or endorsement in the optional comment.

If we happen to agree on a simple format, then a {Recipe-Users$Votes} page 
variable can be done to count all "* (+)" and all "* (-)" in the page and 
contain something like "(+12, -3)" :

  Discussion: [[Recipe-Talk]], [[Recipe-Users]] (+12, -3)

And it is fast as it opens one page only.

And even if a "conversation" starts, the stats will not be broken as the 
replies are unlikely to begin with (+) and (-).

And with such a format, a form-based interface can be easily added, should it 
be required.


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