[pmwiki-users] Random problems with pagelists

Roman romat2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 11:11:00 CDT 2009

I've noticed very wierd random problems with pagelists - in rendered page I
sometimes see fragments of page markup or even raw page text. For example,
pagelist defined as this

* [[{=$FullName}|+]]

is sometimes rendered as

When I refresh page it renders correctly.

Or another pagelist with (:template defaults order=-name:) sometimes
displays "plate defaults order=-name:)"

It appears also in RSS feeds where I occasionally see "time=1038481200" at
the end of text (it's a fragment from raw page text!). Sometimes pagelists
shows even incorrect pages (pages that don't match filter criteria).

Any idea what could cause these problems? What hould I focus on? I encounter
them on:

Pmwiki 2.2.2
PHP 5.2.0-8
Apache/2.2.3 on Debian

Almost identical local mirror configuration on PHP 5.2.9-2, Apache/2.2.11 on
Windows works fine. Small differences in configuration are not relevant.

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