[pmwiki-users] pmform MailForm doesn't send emails

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Thu Jul 2 14:34:34 CDT 2009

Hi there,

I have a rather complex Form set up, but unfortunately PmForm/MailForm  
stopped sending emails. Actually I don't know where to debug this  
problem. Can someone give me a clue?

Here's my form definition in Site/LocalTemplates:

(:template defaults successpage='Community.Success' :)
(:input pmform target={$$target} successpage={$$successpage}:)
(:input default request=1:)
||!Surname ||(:input text surname size=30:) ||
||!First name ||(:input text firstname size=30:) ||
||!Street ||(:input text street size=30:) ||
||!ZIP ||(:input text zip size=30:) ||
||!City ||(:input text city size=30:) ||
||!Country ||(:input text country size=30:) ||
||!Phone* ||(:input text phone size=30:) ||
||!Fax* ||(:input text fax size=30:) ||
||!EMail ||(:input text from size=30:) ||
||!Fields of interest ||(:input select name=foi1 label="(Chose one)"  
value="none":)(:input select name=foi1 value="Personality traits":) 
(:input select name=foi1 value="Attitudes & values":)(:input select  
name=foi1 value="Intelligence & abilities":)(:input select name=foi1  
value="Self-evaluative dispositions":)(:input select name=foi1  
value="Personality typologies":)(:input select name=foi1  
label="--------" value="none":)\\
(:input select name=foi2 label="(Chose one)" value="none":)(:input  
select name=foi2 value="Personality traits":)(:input select name=foi2  
value="Attitudes & values":)(:input select name=foi2  
value="Intelligence & abilities":)(:input select name=foi2 value="Self- 
evaluative dispositions":)(:input select name=foi2 value="Personality  
typologies":)(:input select name=foi2 label="--------" value="none":)\\
(:input select name=foi3 label="(Chose one)" value="none":)(:input  
select name=foi3 value="Personality traits":)(:input select name=foi3  
value="Attitudes & values":)(:input select name=foi3  
value="Intelligence & abilities":)(:input select name=foi3 value="Self- 
evaluative dispositions":)(:input select name=foi3 value="Personality  
typologies":)(:input select name=foi3 label="--------" value="none":)\\
(:input text foi4 size=30:)
||!Additional Comments* || ||
|| ||(:input textarea comments rows=6 size=30:) ||
%comment% (:input text name=subject value='New membership form':) %%
%right%(:input submit name=post value='$[Send]':)%%
(:input end:)

(:template require surname errmsg="Please sepcifiy your surname." :)
(:template require firstname errmsg="Please sepcifiy your firstname." :)
(:template require street errmsg="Please sepcifiy your street." :)
(:template require zip errmsg="Please sepcifiy your ZIP-Code." :)
(:template require city errmsg="Please sepcifiy your city." :)
(:template require from errmsg="Please sepcifiy your email address." :)
(:template requires subject match='New memberhip form' errmsg='$[Do  
not fill in honeypot field]':)
** Clear Text **
{$$firstname} {$$surname}
{$$zip} {$$city}

EMail: {$$from}
Tel: {$$phone}
Fax: {$$fax}

Additional Comments:

Fields of interest:
{$$foi1}, {$$foi2}, {$$foi3}, {$$foi4}

** &SV **

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