[pmwiki-users] PmForms for populating a PmWiki page with an archive of papers

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Jul 2 16:39:07 CDT 2009

Karl Schilke wrote:
> It seems to me that a form-based approach would be ideal. I'm thinking  
> of a "Add paper" link from the main page that creates each of the  
> sub-pages based on four textboxes and a file upload for the PDF  
> version. I haven't had an opportunity to explore the PmForm  
> extensions. Is this the right tool for the job?
> Would a PTV approach make sense here? Does anyone know of a similar  
> system that I could look at as a starting point for my application?  
> I'd be happy to "donate" a version as an example for pmwiki.org, once  
> I get it working.
I think a pmforms approach would work fine. The concept sounds very 
similar to a blog (ie, a list of blog entries). You'll need to modify it 
to get the fields you want, but BlogIt might serve as a starting point 
of sorts.

  ~ ~ David

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