[pmwiki-users] Random problems with pagelists

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jul 4 17:41:06 CDT 2009

On Friday 03 July 2009 09:18:32 Roman wrote:
> I've stripped down configuration to absolute minimum (no config.php) and
> problems still persist. After 7 hours of testing I see two different
> problems:
> 1. One, that has nothing to do with pagelists, displays randomly part of
> raw page text. For example, page that has only few lines of text sometimes
> shows "time=<timestamp>", i.e. part that follows text= in text file. But on
> another page I've noticed also "host=<IP address>".

This is weird, the only thing that comes to my mind are files broken while 
they are transfered from one of the servers to the other. Does your FTP 
software change "End of lines" during transfer? Or something that could 
re-wrap the lines of your wiki.d files?

Does the problem happen with new pages/files that are created by the same 
server? Does it happen with pages in the PmWiki/ group which come with the 
default installation?

> 2. Second is a problem with pagelists. First few characters of pagelist
> definition following opening anchor are sometimes "eaten". For example,
> when pagelist is defined as
> [[#includenews]]
> '''{=$Title}''
> (:include {=$FullName}:)
> [[#includenewsend]]
> it sometimes renders as
> $Title}''
> Included text
> Regarding the second problem, it looks it is related to change in
> TextSection() function (pmwiki.php) made in pmwiki 2.2.0-beta 55. Pmwiki
> 2.2.0-beta 54 is OK, when I replaced TextSection() in beta 55 with one from
> beta 54, it is also OK.

You mentioned that this happens with the latest 2.2.2 stable too. This is also 
difficult to explain.

* Do you by chance have more than one [[#includenews]] anchors? (No 
international characters between [[# and ]], only a-zA-Z, 0-9 and minus are 

* Default PmWiki can include 50 pages max (including GroupHeader and 
GroupFooter); if the weird things happen with pages beyond the first 50, you 
can increase this number by adding to config.php:

  $MaxIncludes = 250;


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