[pmwiki-users] Fwd: OT: PHP 5.3.0 and Apache 2.2.11 running on server 2008 - UPDATE

Jim Beuerle jbeuerle at triad.rr.com
Mon Jul 6 11:50:23 CDT 2009

Thanks Edwin - IT seems to be a server problem that is still a mystery to
us.  BUT I do have a "fix"

Well, I was able (with a bit of nudging) to go back to PHP 5.2.10  and now
things seem to work as expected.  It seems PHP 5.3.0 has some problems.

Thought you should know.


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Sorry this is off topic, but I have run into a bit of trouble and need some

I have been using Pmwiki for many years and have no major problems *(until
now) - thanks to the great help I have always recieved.  I was forced to
upgrade to windows server 2008 and use php 5.3.0 and apach 2.2.11.  Now I am
having trouble with authentication.  I have modified php.ini to have
sessions enabled and create paths to dirs  in "session.save_path".  The
files for the sessions are being created, so permissions are not a problem.

I am asked to authenticate on every password protected page even after I
have given a correct password.  I can am being allowed to edit SiteAdmin
pages, so I am recognized as an admin.  I have installed a new fresh copy of
PmWiki and only set the admin password and still have the problem.  I have
tried two separate browsers and have seen the cookies in FF.

Has anyone else had this problem?  If, so, please help.


Jim Beuerle, PhD.
Mathematics Department
Elon University
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