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Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Jul 12 13:12:51 CDT 2009

Hans wrote:
> Sunday, July 12, 2009, 4:30:48 PM, Ed W wrote:
>> The reason this matters is that I am using a different on disk pattern
>> for filenames, and so while the default wiki doesn't care about the 
>> different between [[PmWiki Philosophy]] and [[PmWikiPhilosphy]], my 
>> system does and at present the docs are significantly broken because of
>> the inconsistent use of both
> Maybe you can call it inconsistent use of spaces
> (and words beginning with a capital letter),
> but it is a feature of PmWiki to allow this flexibility
> in link markup, and could not be called exceptions.
> If you use different $MakePageNamePatterns, can you not
> make an exemption and use PmWiki's standard for all
> pages in the PmWiki group, rather than asking to change
> all of the documentation pages to adhere to a standard
> which PmWiki does not uphold?

You are arguing circularly.  The very flexibility which PmWiki offers is 
why the ambiguity needs sorting.

Basically *because* you have the flexibility to override 
$MakePageNamePatterns, it's then important to be consistent between 
"PmWiki" and "Pm Wiki" since both may point to different pages if people 
make use of this flexibility

Additionally arguing not to define the correct answer is just arguing in 
favour of ambiguity for the sake of it.  Defining "PmWiki" to be correct 
and "Pm Wiki" to be inconsistent should hurt no-one?

Finally it DOES matter for people who turn on the $SpaceWikiWords 
because it leads to inconsistent presentation.  Defining a consistent 
set of words not to space will give greater consistency with this option 
turned on or off

I hope this sounds reasonable?

Ed W
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