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Mon Jul 13 13:21:31 CDT 2009

Oliver Betz wrote:
> Petko Yotov wrote:
> [...]
>> I also consider a feature being able to write [[(Pm )wiki]], [[(Wiki )styles]] 
>> and [[(Wiki )trails]] when I link to PmWiki, WikiStyles or WikiTrails - it is 
>> easier than [[WikiTrails|trails]].
> I disagree regarding this feature. It's IMO hard to find and
> understand for beginners, it saves only little typing and I can't
> search link targets in the page source anymore.

I tend to agree - however, this is NOT anything to do with my suggestion. 

Actually on average I am suggesting that we change [[WikiStyles]] to 
[[Wiki styles]] (actually I don't care which direction, I just suggest 
we be consistent) which actually means he is arguing in favour of what I 
am saying, but it just shows how stubborn some folks are around here, if 
it sounds like a change they want to argue against it without even fully 
evaluating the merits

> I also dislike the feature that [[wiki sandbox]] links to
> [[WikiSandbox]] because it "obfuscates" links in the page source and
> people use it inconsistently.

Sadly PmWiki is heading away from what you desire then... The latest 
builds have moved down the path towards [[wiki sandbox]] becoming the 
default way to write links and the camel case is going away... 

You can still enable camel case, but I guess before long you are going 
to be in my position arguing with a bunch of idiots over something like 
there being like a few TypoS LikE ThiS and people will want to refuse to 
fix the typos (!! gah!) because it doesn't affect the way THEY have 
their wiki setup...

> Well, with the PmWiki search you can use link=WikiSandbox, but
> consider a Cookbook page accessed by a wiki link from the Cookbook
> group and by an interwiki link in the PmWiki group. There is no single
> search expression finding all references to this page.

I *think* most of the link searching is optimised based on the hidden 
link attributes in the page file.  Depending on how you look at this it 
either means it's outside of the scope of PmWikis current search to find 
both OR that you have a common point to ammend the code and achieve what 
you need?  I haven't really studied the code here though... Anyway, I 
think this is OT?

> When I tried to explore the PmWiki documentation a long time ago, I
> found many links written inconsistently making searching and
> maintenance harder than necessary.

Wahoo.  Please write back to Petko and explain that you disagree that 
this "feature" is useful.

I agree entirely that consistent use of wording, especially with regards 
to core features, is essential, otherwise you confuse the reader eg is 
"WikiStyles" a special feature and "Wiki styles" are ways of styling the 
whole website?

This all started because I asked for a poll on which was felt to be more 
consistent with a view to running that through the whole docs... (I can 
see arguments either way).  Oh well

Ed W
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