[pmwiki-users] Bug: $LastModified page variable picking up last but one modification date/time not current one

stevecrisp at gmail.com stevecrisp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 09:17:50 CDT 2009

Dear Wiki Community,

Spotted an issue with the $LastModified page variable picking up last but
one modification date/time not current.  This is only the case when used in
(:description:) markup in conjection with hover/tooltip text.  Let me
explain my set-up....

PmWiki latest 2.2.0

Added tooltips to Wiki page links. Tooltip is taken from the text within the
(:description:) markup for each page it links to. This is what was added to
the local/config.php file:

$LinkPageExistsFmt = "<a class='wikilink' title='{\$Description}'

Now perform the following to reproduce the issue:

1. Create two pages (adding an author name when submitting page update).  On
Page 1 add a reference to [[Page 2]].

2. On Page two add the following markup:

(:description My Page 2 - last modified on {$LastModified} by
{$LastModifiedBy} :)

3. Refresh Page 1 on browser and note the text when you hover over the link
to Page 2.  First hint at bug is the LastModified date/time is correct
however no author name is displayed.

4. Wait at least one minute from creating first page (as we need to see the
modified time change).  Edit Page 2 by adding something to end and submit.

5. Refresh Page 1 and note hover text now says the correct author but the
LastModified date/time shows the last but one date/time.

6. Repeat (4) and (5) again and notice the same.

I use the $LastModified variable in the Site PageFooter and that is always
correct.  It's only when I use this page variable for hover text that I see
a problem.  Can anyone suggest what's going wrong here?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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