[pmwiki-users] OT: Google Wave -- the new wiki (and everything else)

Matthias Guenther lordmatze at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 1 03:50:11 CDT 2009

The "only" interesting feature is the clickable history-function, which 
pop in if you click on it (This is quite something pmwiki needs). But I 
found the others mentioned features not so overwhelming, thats because I 
don't value graphical features of an application or software. But the 
video with Cummingham and the rolling workbench was cool.

Greeting Matthias Günther
> Tegan Dowling a écrit :
>> I haven't finished watching all of it, but it's exciting.
> not really - the "wave mail" will become very fast a mess
> it's simply a way to edit a document simultenaously by several people.
> May be usefull for a wiki, but for a mail, one can't trim the
> uninteresting part, so the document can only grow
> jdd
> NB: I must say I stopped viewing after half an hour

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