[pmwiki-users] PTVs & pageindex - was: FoxEdit & Category

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Jun 18 02:11:43 CDT 2009

as i've been toiling about, i've discovered an odd behavior in PmWiki  
(that i originally attribued to Fox - sorry Hans).

when typing in the following code (to a page in group Test) ...

	(:myPtv: [[!Blem]]:)myPtv: {$:myPtv}

	pages with Category.Blem
	(:pagelist group=Test fmt=#simple link=Category.Blem list=all :)

... and then saving it the first time, the pagelist comes up empty(!)
... then, if one edits and saves again (without changing a thing),  
the pagelist comes up with the current page.

however, the pagelist updates immediately if one types the category  
link directly on the page, as expected

i have made an example page here:

is this delayed response from pagelist (via pageindex and targets=  
not getting updated) expected, or is it a bug?

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